Who will be doing your Wedding Photography?

Wedding photographs are the one memento that last a lifetime and as you don’t know what you’re getting until after the event, it’s important to make the right decision when hiring a photographer. You’ll need to spend some time together as a couple deciding on what you want and doing some careful research, so you can ensure you love your photos as much as the day itself.

Style – The first thing to consider before contacting photographers is what style you want your photos to be. Different styles include documentary which are spontaneous shots which are not posed. These shots capture people and moments as they happen, almost in a photojournalistic way. If you prefer a classic look then you might opt for portraiture which involve very styled and posed shots. Maybe you could find a photographer who can blend different styles if you’re having difficulty deciding.

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Research – Reviews from previous clients are a great place to start as you begin to browse local listings. Have a look at the photographer’s website and gallery from other recent weddings they’ve worked at. Find them on social media and see if they have a blog or positive feedback from people they’ve worked for.

Interview – For such an important part of your day, it’s a good idea to meet the photographer in person to see if you click. A good rule of thumb is to try to see between three and five potential photographers before making your final decision. This is the perfect chance to discuss the style, venue and any other factors about your big day. The venue i so important so maybe you could get him or her to come with you for an hour and take some practise shots at locations like a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire that you found on websites such as hatton-court.co.uk. If your preferred photographer is unavailable on the day, ask if they can recommend anyone with a similar style.

Question – Before meeting with a potential photographer, have your questions ready beforehand so you don’t get distracted and forget to ask the things you really wanted to. You could ask how they would describe their style, are there any moments you don’t capture or what rights you’ll have to the photos once they are produced.

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Personality – Don’t underestimate the need to mesh with your photographer. Do their ideas get you excited? Do they listen to what you want and respond respectfully and with enthusiasm? You need a person with a combination of assertiveness to coax guests into great photo opportunities but not in an obtrusive way to annoy people. They need to be a calming, positive person with a natural ease when dealing with many different types of people.

Budget – It pays to have an idea in mind of your budget before you make enquiries. It will save a lot of time and hassle if you then make enquiries based on what you know you have to spend so you can rule out those who’s packages are way above your budget. It could also put you in a stronger bargaining position if you know the amount you have to spend.

Be Polite – It’s always courteous to follow-up on those interviews, even if you don’t choose their services.