Why we rely on the roads

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In the middle of the twentieth century the Car was still something of a luxury item. This wasn’t made any easier with the advent of the Second World war when affordable cheaper versions like the Austin 7 had their production turned over to making Tanks for trucks for the war effort. In fact Austin didn’t bother making it again after 1939, but it was the Great Grandad of the Mini. For most part the populace got around on Buses and trains. There was a strong regional rail system that despite its faults worked well and was regular. However a change was coming and it was left to one man to change it.

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Doctor Beeching is a name that is spoken with some relevance by some but is generally vilified by most others. Got stuck in a queue on the A30? You can probably thank Beeching for that because before he came along you could have had a perfectly good local rail network to transport you. At least that’s the argument. Some would say that Beeching was a realist who saw that the road network and car ownership was going to be what people wanted.  When he got rid of the regional railways they didn’t have a lot of choice.

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So the road network, despite not getting the investment that it needed, even from the savings made from the lack of rail service, took over the countries for transport. It helps to have the number of UKTDL a Same Day Courier Bracknell service,  on hand to get things sent quickly.