Interesting facts about Jeans and Levi Strauss

Mens levi jeans like the ones from EJ Menswear are incredibly popular trousers that are loved by people throughout the world and they have a long history with their creation coming from the need for miners and other labourers to have durable trousers for the work day.

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Here are some interesting facts about jeans, in particular Levi Strauss and his designs.

  • A pair of Levi Jeans that were thought to be over 100 years old were found back in 1997.
  • The dark indigo colour was dye added to the cotton material by Levi to help the miners and labourers that wore the clothing as workwear to hide dirt. This dye was first made from natural sources, but it is now made synthetically. It has since become the classic colour, even though jeans can now be found in almost every colour imaginable.

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  • The word Denim is thought to come from the place in France where the material was first created – Nimes.
  • A couple of types of denim are used to make jeans. Standard denim is made from cotton and in order to prevent it from shrinking when worn the material is washed after it is dyed. In the case of skinny jeans elastic fibres are added to the cotton to give it the stretch that is needed.