Buying commercial kitchen appliances tips

If you’re thinking of upgrading your commercial kitchen so that it meets your dream kitchen specifications, here are 5 more things to consider before you buy those appliances.

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Would renting make sense?

If you’re a startup and you have plans to grow your catering operations in the future, then the ability to scale up without significant outlay might appeal to you. Renting commercial appliances can be cost-effective if your future growth plans mean you’ll need to upgrade your equipment. If the deal comes with a comprehensive maintenance plan, then rental might make better sense for your kitchen.  You could off course hire an Accountants in Cheltenham company at links including to help you with your finances and give you great financial advice on whats best for your business.
Is your kitchen future proof?

While future food trends can be almost impossible to plan for, it pays to invest in the best equipment you can afford, to future proof your kitchen. Can your equipment be easily upgraded or is it likely to become difficult to maintain? Is there are a new version coming out soon and does it make sense to wait to make a purchase? It’s always worth checking the specifications on new equipment – if the upgrade isn’t significant, will purchasing the discounted older model be cost effective?

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Can you cope with new eating trends?

Vegan and gluten free are just two of the eating trends that have emerged in recent years that have dramatically changed the way that commercial kitchens operate. Do you have the capacity to keep pace with new trends and to avoid cross contamination between food prep areas?

Do you have the space?

When you’re sourcing new commercial catering supplies and equipment, check the dimensions of any new appliances. Otherwise, source multi-functional items like combi-ovens that will allow you to make the best possible use of the space at your disposal.

Can you afford to maintain it?

Waiting until an appliance breaks down is a false economy. You’ll get far more out of your appliances if you keep them regularly maintained. When you’re making your purchasing decisions, factor in the cost of maintenance and any spares, plus the availability of any parts. Keeping your equipment up and running is critical to the success of any commercial kitchen, so you need to factor in all these costs when you’re making decisions about upgrading your commercial appliances.