Meet the best chalk paint ideas with Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a natural paint that comes from chalk which leaves furniture with a matte appearance, very vintage. The colors used are mostly pastels, shades that never go out of style. Keep reading and discover more advantages of this paint.

Dare to try itchalk paint ideas

Do not throw away your old furniture, with this paint you can restore it and give it a new life. In addition, it also decorates other furniture, walls, and objects. They have a great coating power, it is easy to dry and it is very easy to use.

It is applied on plaster, cardboard, wood, glass, ceramic, and primed metal. It is available in aerosol and acrylic paint. So don’t think twice and give your spaces a vintage and fashionable touch.

Keys to using this paintchalk paint ideas

Look for harmony: the colors you choose should combine perfectly with the rest of the decoration. Use two colors like pink and white or cream to decorate the closet and tables in your room. You will create a calm and illuminated environment.

Customize objects: we already mentioned that this paint is not only used on furniture, go ahead and paint the lamps, vases, and other decorative objects so that you can give an authentic touch to each place in your house.

Find your style: with this painting you not only create vintage styles but also retro, romantic, industrial, classic. It all depends on the color, type of furniture, and effect you apply to it.

How to apply it?

It is so easy to apply that it does not require preparing the piece, although if it is sealed or varnished, you must sand or strip. Proceed to apply a coat that will be enough to cover all the furniture or intended object. In just 20 minutes it will be dry to the touch and in an hour it can be manipulated. If you prefer a higher coating, apply a second coat within the first hour or up to 48 hours later.

  • Green paint
  • Pastel green
  • Subtle gray
  • Deep blue