Complete Your BMW M3 with Your Personal Style

The critics agree, the 2016 M3, BMW’s latest high-performance sports sedan, is a return to form for this benchmark car. It’s the series that’s put the manufacturer ahead of the luxury automobile pack and with good reason: it’s powerful, sleek, and it’s new, more aggressive look is straight off of the track. While it’s a heavy series, it’s also managed to shed 175 pounds thanks to more aluminum and carbon fiber, and when combined with aesthetic features like aerodynamic wings and sculpted side mirrors that optimize performance, it means you have a vehicle with great handling, balance, and acceleration.

As beautiful as the M3 is, no vehicle is ever finished until the owner has added his own personal style and improved on some of the oversights in the OEM’s accessories. The M3’s track-inspired look makes it an ideal candidate for accessories that complement an aggressive style, such as carbon fiber front bumper splitters. You can find high-end carbon fiber bumper splitters from Bimmian, a premium retailer of aftermarket accessories for BMWs that only sources high-quality products with the weave, thinness, and design to match your luxury vehicle. A thinner bumper splitter, achieved using a dry carbon process, gives the impression that the entire bumper has been made out of carbon to complete the look of your new vehicle.

Those with a keen eye for style are never satisfied to simply drive off the lot, and the M3 is for drivers with a refined taste and attention to detail. Many drivers want to add an interior overlay such as carbon vinyl where the OEM has neglected to do so, such as the climate, light, and radio controls. Unfortunately, because these areas require considerable precision, a number of kits on the market do not quite fit well, which is why you should look into getting a kit custom cut for the M3, such as the carbon fiber-look overlay from Bimmian. Painted reflectors are another popular aftermarket accessory as they blend your front bumper reflectors painted with the body color of your vehicle. It gives your car a European look that’s absolutely necessary if you plan to install custom lighting like stealth bulbs or LED turn signals. If you’re looking for more ways to transform your new BMW M3 with a style you can proudly call your own, you can find hundreds of accessories for BMWs at the website.

The most common criticism of this model heard from reviewers across the board is the lack of that “V8 Wail,” the unmistakable growl of a powerful engine that’s been lost to a disappointing artificially generated sound. If you were sad to hear that sound go but still sensible enough to buy this benchmark vehicle, all is not lost, as you may be able to find custom exhaust systems like the Remus for the BMW M3 and M4, which adds a satisfying rumble that matches the power of an engine that can take you from 0 to 100 km/h in no more than 4.1 seconds. The new M3 is lighter, more balanced, and it has a sleeker look – complete it with a satisfying sound for a richer driving experience. Turn to a high-end accessory retailer for BMWs for parts that do justice to your pride and joy.