5 Best Self-Defense Weapons for Men in 2022

5 Best Self-Defense Weapons for Men in 2022

Your arsenal of self-defense weapons should be discreet, easy to carry, nonlethal, economical, and effective. A self-defense weapon is a thing that every man should own as well as one of the handiest tools in general. Here are best Aussie online casino top picks for self-defense weapons for you to have at all times.

  1. Sabre Self-Defense Kit

Sabre is one of the best-known companies in the self-defense market, and you can trust their products to perform when you need them most. This self-defense kit comes with both pepper spray and a stun gun for double the protection. The peppery spray keychain has a 10-foot range and can be deployed many times in a row. It sprays in a tight, concentrated stream to avoid injuring yourself. The stun gun delivers a painful and intense 1.60 µC charge. In addition, when in use the stun gun generates a loud 95 dB zapping sound and bright 120 Lumen light.

  1. VIPERTEK VTS-979 Stun Gun

This VIPERTEK Stun Gun packs a powerful punch. When discharged, it will send a painful jolt of electricity through your attacker’s body. The stun gun also comes with a wrist strap and safety disable pin, which prevents the gun from being used on you. If an attacker does manage to rip this away from you, the safety pin will be removed, rendering the stun gun useless. For ease of use, this tool is covered in a non-slip rubber coating and comes with a rechargeable battery. With more than 6,200 5-star reviews from Amazon customers, it’s one of the top-rated self-defense tools for sale right now.

  1. Sabre Advanced Compact Pepper Spray

Sabre Advanced Compact Pepper Spray is one of the most trusted names in self-defense, and they provide some of the best self-defense products for both civilians and law enforcement officers. This compact pepper spray sports a built-in belt clip which ensures your spray will be right at hand should you be facing a real-life threat. This pepper spray also includes a UV marker, which could help police identify your attacker. This should be kept on your at all times when you’re playing games from online casinos.

  1. The Original Self Defense Siren Keychain

Sometimes, the safest thing you can do is call for help. The Self Defense Siren is designed to alert anyone nearby so that they can call the police and come to your assistance. Because many muggings and carjackings are crimes of opportunity, the loud sound of your alarm may be enough to deter attackers on its own. This safety alarm emits a screeching 125db sound that can be heard from hundreds of feet away.

  1. Sabre Safe Escape 3-In-1 Pepper Gel

If you’re looking for a pepper spray that can fit on your keychain, then you’ll want to pick up this ultra-compact pepper spray, also from Sabre. This multi-function self-defense tool also comes with a seatbelt cutter and window breaker in case you are trapped inside your car in an emergency. Instead of the typical spray, this canister uses powerful pepper gel with a 12-foot range to ward off would-be attackers. Not only that, but this self-defense weapon marks attackers with a UV dye, which can help police identify them following an attempted attack.