Finding gifts for weddings and christenings

Finding gifts for weddings and christenings

With the wedding season approaching, we know the panic that comes with finding the perfect gift for the newly weds.

And this gift search doesn’t just apply to weddings, whenever something important happens in your friends’ lives, you have to come up with the perfect present. But the pressure of finding that perfect gift can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been to such events before.

In this article, we put together some events that you’ll encounter and that are of high importance for your loved ones and we tried to give you some gift ideas for each of them.

Make sure you adapt these suggestions to the people you shop for, as they won’t suit everyone the same. Get reading and get ready to think about what you’re gonna wear, as we took care of the rest.

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Starting off with the most common event: weddings. If you’re in your 20s and you just got your first wedding invitation, a lot of things are probably going through your mind. The thought that you’re getting old, the pressure of being next, the nostalgia of knowing the bride or the groom since childhood.

This is normal, but don’t stray away from the important part: what are you getting them?

If the newlyweds are not that close to you, a simple envelope with money would definitely do the trick. But if you’ve known them your whole life, you can be creative with their present.

You can create an album with the timeline of their lives and make it into a beautiful story from when they were born until they met each other. Make sure you leave some space so that they can continue the album with their journey together. This present will be nostalgic, thoughtful and will give them something to look back on as a dear memory.

And if this is not your jam, but you still want to give them something other than money, you can think of some practical gifts for a new home. Kitchen appliances and home gadgets are very popular wedding gifts, so you can go for those.

There is also a top 50 wedding gifts if you’re still struggling, so go on Brides and read that for more inspiration.


Now, if you think finding presents for weddings is hard, wait until you get invited to your first Christening. Finding presents for a baby is a hard job, considering that you know nothing about that tiny human.

The best thing to consider is for the present to be timeless. Something that the baby can hold onto so that they get to an age where they can form memories. The most common presents are jewelry pieces or personalized blankets.

If you want something more special, you can think of other Christening gifts such as a plushie that they can keep forever or a cozy blanket they can sleep with. These are usually things that babies find comforting and form attachments to when they are little, so it’s definitely a thoughtful present.