The Best European Bowling Tournaments in years gone by

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Ten-pin bowling is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world, so much so that even Egyptian Pharaohs played the game between their conquests. Since then the sport has experienced many changes and grown to be a favourite for all ages. This rise in popularity has also meant a growth in league bowling, with Europe hosting some of the most exciting and prestigious competitions. Here is a look at what’s happened during summers gone by.

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European Men Championships 2015

It took place between 3rd and 14th June in Aalborg, Denmark, the European Men Championships is one of the largest bowling league competitions in Europe. Players from thirty-two countrie took part. The games were held at the Lovvang Bowling Centre, which contains 30 lanes and ample space for spectators to enjoy a drink by the courts. Essential for fans of competitive bowling, that year’s European Championship was a great chance to see some of the sport’s best talent and also enjoy a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. Streaming is available.

Brunswick Madrid Challenge

The Brunswick Madrid Challenge took place from 27th June to 5th July at Bowling Charmartin. This is a 20-lane alley that’s been the centre of bowling in El Foro for over thirty years. This competition featured 211 players from 30 countries around the world, and offered a €6,000 prize to the winner, €3,000 for second place and €2,000 for third place. At three years old, the Brunswick Madrid Challenge is still relatively young but is already proving to be hugely popular.

Czech Open 2015

Starting in 2002, the Czech Open tournament is one of Europe’s biggest bowling tournaments. It was held in the beautiful historic city of Olomouc between 27th June and 5th July. Prizes included €2,500 for first place, €1,300 for second and €800 for third. Given how keen the Czechs are on the sport, participants from abroad expected some fierce competition.

Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open

Along with wrestling, Bavarian curling and underwater rugby, Germany is claimed by some sources to have invented ten-pin bowling. It’s no surprise then that one of today’s top tournaments is being held there. The Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open took place in Munich from 18th July to 26th July, with the winner going home with €7,000. Hosted by Europe’s largest bowling alley, the whopping 52-lane Dream-Bowl Palace, this is a bowler’s paradise. There is also plenty of entertainment for spectators between games, with a bar, café, restaurant and snooker room.

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With tournaments new and old being hosted this summer, there’s never been a better time to participate in bowling.