Why it is Bad Idea to get a Puppy at Christmas

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The idea of giving a puppy as a Christmas present is tempting for so many people – who doesn’t want to find a cute puppy under the tree on Christmas morning? Treating our dogs is one thing – dog Christmas stockings and Iwoof designer dog collars are great gift ideas for pooches. But there are a lot of reasons why buying a puppy for Christmas is a really bad idea…

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Lots of people love https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/acheter-viagra-50mg/ the idea of a dog but find that they can’t give it all the care it needs and often underestimate the amount of time and attention that needs to be given to a dog. This means that after Christmas shelters often become full of dogs who have been given as presents who are now unwanted.

Christmas is a difficult time to introduce a pet as life is hectic and busy, so it is not the ideal environment to bring a dog into. As well as the many people who may be visiting, children will be excitable, and this may scare a new puppy. It is much better to settle a dog into family life when it is quiet and calm – a new puppy away from its mum will be nervous at first and Christmas is not the time to deal with this.

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There are lots of dangerous things around the home at Christmas time – from foods that can poison a dog such as raisins and chocolates, to things like tinsel, wrapping paper and decorations which could cause internal damage if the puppy ate anything – and because puppies do chew a lot the chances of them ingesting something harmful are high.