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Features of a Dream Home

What features would your dream home contain? See if you agree with the following features and fixtures that have been listed as some of the most desirable and attractive things that buyers want these days:

Open Plan Living

Compartmentalising the ground floor of homes is a thing of the past, with families and professionals both seeking wide open living space. Open-concept living is better for entertaining, making the home feel bigger and for families to keep an eye on the children.

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Plenty of Kitchen Counter Space

Space is at a premium in kitchens and it’s one of the biggest selling factors in homes. Lots of counter space in the kitchen is highly desirable, whether you want additional room for cooking, space to have a breakfast bar or ample space for serving up family dinners. Consider the beauty of Marble Tiles. Find a range of Marble Tiles at Irwin Tiles.

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Kitchen Island

You might notice that most of these dream requirements are kitchen-based, such is the importance of the room to potential buyers. A kitchen island not only looks sleek and contemporary but is also a brilliantly functional item. You’ll get more cupboard space, additional seating options and extra countertop space.


UK housing has never been on the huge side, unless you can afford a stately home, so storage is a premium factor. Modern families have a great deal of belongings and you can never have too much storage. Imagine a property that came with closet organisation systems, wall-mounted storage racks in the garage and walk-in his and her wardrobes.