EBay Essential Tips for everyone

EBay Essential Tips for everyone

Many people still think of eBay as a place to list old goods and cheap tat, a virtual car boot sale full of homely, independent sellers. While there still are a lot of individuals selling online, there is a huge number of full time sellers too, who customise their eBay store design templates and automate their listings, running their store as a serious business. If you want to make real money on eBay, they are the people that you will be competing with.

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Making Your Listings Stand Out

Ebay has come a long way over the last 20 years, from the day when the first item, a broken laser pointer was sold on the site. Today, there are more than 124 million active users, buying and selling everything from children’s toys to cars.

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With so many sellers, it’s hard to make your auctions stand out. The best approach is to look at what others are doing in your category, and pay particular attention to the wording of their descriptions and the product titles. Make yours clear, concise, but keyword rich, and price your products appealingly – remember that being too cheap is just as bad as being too expensive because it can make the buyer question the quality of the product.  You could set up your shed with white sheets hanging, funky lighting and garage shelving sourced from sites like https://www.garage-shelving.co.ukOnce that is done set up your laptop and start your own official shop where you can take smart photos, print receipts and have all the packaging ready to go.

Getting Shoppers to Open Their Wallets

Buyers are naturally suspicious when they are shopping for second hand products. You can build trust if you accept Paypal, run long auctions, and make it clear that you insure your parcels. These are small things that will make a big difference. Another useful approach is to list items on a Thursday, so that the auction finishes on a Sunday evening, allowing you to reach as many buyers as possible.

Today, you cannot count on shoppers buying from you just because the listing is there. Shoppers are far more demanding than they once were, and a professional looking item and picture are a must if you want to compete with the full-time sellers.

Selling online via eBay or Amazon is an art and a science that involves testing, analytics and refinement as you work out what buyers are most interested in. Competition is fierce, but it is possible to make money if you are willing to do that research.