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Hazards of Working on a Building Site

In order to have the new homes and business premises that we need, people need to have the skills to be able to build them. Working in construction is a varied role, and there are lots of different skills required on a building site.

A building site also is one of the riskiest places to work. Ensuring that staff are correctly trained in skills like first aid with emergency first aid training courses like this  as well as having the correct protective clothing and equipment is essential on a building site.

Here are three common risks associated with building work…

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Slipping and Falling – Uneven ground, equipment everywhere and people working on one site all makes a place that can be a risk when it comes to falling and slipping. Safe working practices should be put in place to reduce this risk, as well as things like high visibility clothing so that people can be seen moving around the site.

Working at Height – Often people on a building site will be required to work at height. This can result in nasty accidents if the right precautions are not taken, and it is essential to ensure that staff have all been trained correctly before they attempt to work at height.

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Working with Machinery – In order to get a job done quickly and accurately, lots of types of machinery are required. Of course, this too can pose a danger, and machinery should only be operated by those who have the right training and qualifications.