The essential machinery you will need for a new build

The essential machinery you will need for a new build

Although each project is going to be individual and needs specific machinery, there are some essential services and machines that you will need to hire or be able to use in order to build efficiently and without any damage. Some general machinery that may be needed for a new project includes:

  • An excavator

To begin your project, an excavator may be needed to clear the land and dig the foundation before putting any materials down. This piece of machinery will clear the space in a record time as opposed to manual labour, and can be hired from companies such as Excavator Hire Leicester.

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  • A concrete mixer

This is essential for building the foundations and having one or two reliable mixers will speed up the process massively. Despite being largely known to be used commercially they are a handy alternative to have for a small at-home project, without the laborious and messy job of hand-mixing.

  • Cranes

Crane sizes vary immensely however even the hire of a small crane can save the hire of multiple workers attempting to lift heavy materials. A crane will aim to avoid human injury such as back problems and is less time-consuming if the driver knows how to operate it! Make sure that the driver is equipped and is shown all the safety features before if this is an at-home job. Cranes can be used on anyone’s private land however you do hold liability if an accident was to occur.

  • A truck

Having access to a truck or multiple truck units can help shift debris out of the way or bring your materials to you. When constructing a building there will be a lot of back and forth between material companies and your site, therefore hiring a truck rather than risking damaging your own car can be a wise decision.

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  • A generator

The last thing you want is to arrive at your building site on the first day of a project and have no electricity. If this is your first time at construction, you may not realise that there is likely to be no electricity points on your site. Having a generator to charge or plug in machinery is a site essential!

Keep in mind that these are all suggestions, and make sure to consult a professional contractor or construction specialist to determine the correct tools for the job. This will need to fall under your overall budget for the build.