5 Mistakes Every College Freshman Makes

5 Mistakes Every College Freshman Makes

We get it–it’s your first year in college. Mistakes are bound to happen. However, just because mistakes are inevitable does not mean that they cannot be minimized (or negated outright). In the spirit of this suggestion, here are five mistakes every college freshman makes.

1. Oversleeping is an All-Too-Common Mistake

One of the biggest college freshman mistakes is oversleeping. This could be due to having a class that is too early in the morning but is more likely caused by a poor sleep schedule and fatigue based on activity from the night before. If this sounds like the behavior you typically exhibit, realize that a good night’s rest isn’t something caffeine can supplement. You are going to need every hour of sleep.

2. Don’t Miss Class

Regularly attending class is a huge challenge for freshmen, which is a problem, because regular attendance is not only important for success in whatever course they are taking but success in life more broadly. Missing class means missing a multitude of opportunities–not only class time, but time that could be spent networking with other students and the experience that can only be attained by participating in a college setting.

3. Basing Your Education Solely Around Money

This mistake rings true for those who do not even apply to college based on money, but it also applies to those who choose their major solely based on how much money they think they will make. I wholeheartedly assure you that this is not what college is about. Whether the culprit is overbearing parents or the inability to decide on a major, it is important to take a deep breath and relax. These decisions take time and certainly do not have to be made in your freshman year. Additionally, it is best to refrain from making an impulsive decision and take the time to find your passion before you settle on a major.

4. Poor Time Management

Like missing class and oversleeping, poor time management is a learned behavior that carries over from high school and proves to be detrimental in the long run. While in college, you need to ensure that your time is appropriately divided in accordance with the tasks you need to accomplish. Keep in mind that you may need to balance an outside job with class time and course work. If this is the case, it is important to remember not to stress–building a schedule and then sticking to it will help ease your mind and net you instant results.

5. Realize What Resources are Available to You… and Use Them

This is another common one. Many freshmen are not aware of the multitude of resources available to them on behalf of their learning institution. Whether you’re getting your Maryville’s dnp degree online or attending Chicago State University, talk to a counselor about the resources available to you today!