Why drain damage needs to be detected early

Why drain damage needs to be detected early

Many current drain systems are more than twenty years old. As they are created using earthenware pipework, this means parts of the system could easily crack or be vulnerable to damage. Damaged drains will allow water to escape, and this can result in soil erosion which can go on to cause costly damage to your property.

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What problems can exist in drains?

Pipes can collapse if they are under too much pressure on the ground above. The drains can also be destroyed due to corrosion. Collapsed drains will cause blockages and flooding and a range of other potential issues as discussed here:. Quick detection therefore is the best solution and a drain repair to correct all damage to the systems is required. Thankfully, most issues are fairly easy to detect, with a range of visual indications.

Roots can destroy drainage systems

Tree roots can cause significant damage to a drainage system, domestic or commercial. The roots can grow into the drainage area and cause blockages and destroy the pipes.

Mould and damp are tell-tale signs of leaks

You will know if your drain is leaking if you experience damp and mould. A drainpipe leak will allow water to seep into the home and this encourages a moist environment which permits the growth of damp and mould.

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Who is responsible for drainage systems?

The owner is usually responsible for drains situated within the boundaries of the property. The sewerage company is responsible for maintaining the drainage system outside of the property boundaries, as well as sewers. Some private or unadopted sewers still remain, although most are publicly owned. If you require sewer pipe lining Wolverhampton there are businesses such as www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/drain-repairs/drain-repairs-wolverhampton/ that provide this service.

Foul odours can be detected

If you experience foul odours arising from the drain, then you will know a problem exists. Early detection is vital to avoid the issue escalating. To prevent serious issues arising from a pipe leak, it’s essential to check and maintain the drains regularly, whether you are a business owner or a home occupier.