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How To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

I know from experience how uncomfortable it is living in a freezing cold house. Even with the fluffiest socks I could find, some woolly slippers, a thick jumper and a scarf, I was still cold inside my house last winter. You can image how reluctant I was to strip off to get into the shower, but I obviously had to do it!

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Unfortunately, with old, draughty properties, this is a big problem during the colder months. I’ll share some tips for keeping your house warm in winter. I’m going to follow them and have my fingers crossed this winter will be better than last!

Firstly, buy draught excluders for every gap or opening that outside air can get into. This includes those long, heavy draught excluding cushions to put at the bottom of each door. You’ll also want to block out any cold air entering through the windows. This will make the biggest difference out of all the other steps to preventing an uncomfortably cold house.

Secondly, if you don’t already, make sure your windows have double glazing. Not having double glazing was the biggest contributor to the cold air inside my house last winter. For double glazing Tewkesbury, I recommend Firmfix.

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Next, open your curtains during the day so that the sun can warm up your rooms. Then during the night, close your curtains very tightly so they can provide insulation.

Move any soft furniture and soft items such as chairs, sofas, curtains or drying clothes away from your radiators whilst they are on as they absorb the heat. It is recommended that you set the timer on your boiler so that the heating turns on thirty minutes before you wake up. Set it to the minimum temperature you’d like such as 18°C to save money and energy. Also, don’t leave it on all day if you can bear it.

Lastly, I recommend radiator panels which can make sure that the room is heated up rather than the walls. Hopefully this advice will be enough for you to have a comfortable winter not wishing for summer to come.