Display freezers and their functions

Display freezers and their functions

If you’re in the business of selling food, you’ll already be familiar with the crucial importance of displaying your delectable wares.

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Apart from the obvious fact that certain foods legally need to be chilled to the perfect temperature until they are sold, it is the fact that buyers will taste with their eyes before their mouths that makes freezers that clearly display food an industry essential.

While there are different types of display freezers, with different functions, they all have this in common: a clear glass door, which customers can first see through and then open and grab whatever’s caught their eye. They are also generally lit by bright LEDs that shine on your products. Here’s a guide to the most common types of display freezers on the market
Issues can occur with all these types of freezers and in some cases metal bonding adhesives may need to be used. But you should always check with a manufacturer like https://www.ct1.com/product-applications/metal-to-metal-adhesive/ before using products such as this to ensure they are the right type for the work you are looking to complete.

The Upright

These are probably the most familiar type standing proudly upright with plenty of room for an impressive display.

The Countertop

These are a highly effective freezer, as they tend to be small and can fit right by the till, attracting impulse-buyers. They are affordable and tidy, thus especially advantageous for the smaller business.

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The Undercounter

Fitting a display freezer under a counter is a great way to incorporate chilling into a modular shop design. Having smaller freezers also allows you more temperature control, so that if you sell a variety of foods, you will be able to chill products to different temperatures.

The Ice Cream Display Freezer

A summertime classic, ice cream display freezers hold modular trays, often at a slight angle so that the enticing spectrum of ice cream colours can be spotted from further away. The glass on these is also raised high to allow the vendor space to serve while maintaining protection of the product. These freezers can also be used for other products such as salads or condiments, or anything that will look fantastic in combination.

The Chest Freezer

This is another classic, which you may recognise from the chilly aisles of every supermarket you’ve ever perused. The chest freezer’s glass door is its upper surface so that you see inside from above, although some of these are also made with the door at an angle. While these come in various sizes, they tend to be very large – perfect for a big business.