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Understanding fixed fee conveyancing

Let’s start off with the definition of fixed fee conveyancing, which companies such as Sam Conveyancing use. This means that a pre-agreed price is determined for the legal services given, so the price quoted at the start should be the same paid at the end of the service. This also includes the different disbursements a long side the fee. A fixed fee service can be seen as a better alternative to the hourly rate some solicitors charge.

It is important to understand the difference between a fixed fee and an hourly rate fee before making a final decision, so it is important to understand a solicitor’s service as their role is crucial when buying or selling a property. Understanding a solicitor’s rates can help with budgeting and preparing for the final price.

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Another advantage of fixed fee conveyancing is that there is a higher level of certainty as the client is immediately aware of the overall price. This can link back to budgeting and preparing for the costs without any surprise charges at the end. It can also give a peace of mind to know exactly what is being paid for and how much.

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However, with anything, there are some disadvantages. A lack of or unclear communication with the solicitor can lead to a misunderstanding of the final cost. Also, without fully reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the contract with the solicitors may lead to surprise charges. It is important to be fully aware.