Ten items every man should have in his wardrobe

Ten items every man should have in his wardrobe

We could talk about the physical piece of furniture you store your clothes in but that’s of little interest compared to the clothes you ought to have inside. Here is our list of the 10 things every man should have in his wardrobe.

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A good pair of jeans

There is no going wrong with a good pair of well-fitting blue jeans. Dress them up or down, they are possibly the most versatile item of clothing you’ll own, and they’ll be appropriate for almost every occasion.

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Plain white tee

Hot on the heels of a pair of classic jeans is a crisp, white t-shirt. It will never go out of fashion, and you can pair it with your jeans or under a jacket or jumper.

Grey tee

A grey T-shirt that was created that way is fine. It makes the list of items of clothing every man should have. Just make sure it is definitely grey and not the white T-shirt from point three that got on the wrong side of a pair of dark socks. Go obviously darker, like charcoal.

Cashmere jumper

Cashmere is soft, warm, and elegant. It’ll keep you warm but your style hotter. Try mens Ralph Lauren knitwear from specialist retailers like EJ Menswear.


The ultimate in suave sophistication, a tuxedo can be relied upon time after time to cover your occasion wear. Of Leather and Lace goes into more detail about how to look the best in your dinner jacket. With those key items you’re ready for anything. With the next five as well, you’ll always be covered.

Plain white shirt

Like the T-shirt, a plain white collared shirt will go with everything.

Single-breasted suit

Not every occasion warrants a tux. Get a good quality ‘everyday’ suit, like the tuxedo, and choose a solid neutral colour.


A long-enduring piece of clothing, the trenchcoat will see you though everything.


A pair of chinos – for the rare occasion jeans won’t do – give you an extra dimension to your look. Wear with either your shirt or T-shirt.


The ‘can’t go wrong’ shoes will see you through every situation and work with anything in your wardrobe. Brown works best from a style perspective.