Shop Vintage – The way to wear vintage clothes for men

Shop Vintage – The way to wear vintage clothes for men

Men’s vintage clothing can look and feel great, but there is an art to buying and wearing it to make sure that you look well dressed and not like you’re in fancy dress.

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Pick an Era

Picking an era will help prevent style confusion and allow you to express your own individual style. If you are undecided, a general rule of thumb is that items from towards the end of the 20th century will often team well with items from a contemporary wardrobe, whether that means Farah shirts or a great pair of denims.

Having said this, smarter styles from the first half of the century can also be valuable additions to a modern wardrobe and are undergoing an upsurge in popularity right now. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to trawl charity shops and boot sales for genuine vintage items, either, or if you’d prefer to simply pick from the vintage style clothing that are available on the high street today.

Tips for Buying Vintage

Whether you are looking for an edgy punk t-shirt to go with your jeans or a retro suit to set off your Farah shirt from the likes of, condition is key. Of course, it is very rare to find items that are in mint condition, but you should aim for very good at least.

It is likely that items will have been worn several times, but you want things that have obviously been well preserved and looked after. If you are buying online, it can pay to be wary of items that are only described as in ‘good’ condition. This will often mean they have tears or stains.

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Taking Care of Vintage Clothes

Washing vintage clothes can be an issue, and it is always a good idea to think about this when you are buying something. Really old clothes may not be up to modern washing methods and might need dry cleaning, for example. Find out about traditional clothes cleaning methods at

It can be well worth the extra cost or effort of caring for vintage clothes, however, especially if you have a unique style that you want to cultivate or preserve. It is not likely that you will bump into anyone wearing the same outfit as you if you choose to go down this fashion road after all.