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Where does the Aran sweater come from?

When it’s cold outside there really is nothing better than pulling on a warm and comforting Womens Aran Sweaters to keep out the nip of the winter day out. What’s surprising is that the beautiful sweater you’re about to put on also has waterproof qualities. Where did this wonderful piece of fashion come from?

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The Aran sweater originates on the isle of Aran. The interlinked design was at first thought to have been a representation of the religious Celtic knotwork. However this is a mythical approach as it turns out the first sweaters sown where at the turn of the century. The hardy Aran fisherman was exposed to all kinds of elements when out in Galway bay or the Atlantic Ocean desperately trying to catch as much fish as they could to feed the family back home. What he needed was a robust bit of workwear that could keep him warm and relatively dry.

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The answer came from the ingenious women of Aran. They realised that if they made a jumper from the unscoured wool of the local sheep it would still retain the linoline oil that naturally occurred in the wool. This made it resistant to water and the fisherman could carry on.

As the twentieth century progressed the Aran sweater became a popular choice with the casual mariner as they found it to be the perfect thing to wear. Men and Womens sweaters from Aran wool were the perfect accessory when out on the waves. They looked incredibly stylish as well.