Seven Post-Retirement Business Ideas

Seven Post-Retirement Business Ideas

Some individuals dream of a day when they can do absolutely nothing. To them, retirement is a euphoric future of sleeping in, lounging in the sun, and thinking as little as possible for the next 30 years of their lives. Others dream up retirement business ideas. Here are some best business ideas for retirees from online pokies.

  1. Dropship Goods

Dropshipping is an online business model—commonly run as a sole proprietorship—that involves selling products to customers online without actually holding onto the products. You’re responsible for creating a website, selecting products to sell, marketing your products, and choosing your prices. Once a customer orders from your online store, you send the order to a dropshipping supplier that prepares the order and ships it to your customers.

You can find dropshipping suppliers through online platforms like Oberlo. The key in dropshipping is to find products that are in high demand or might be in the future and to choose sustainable profit margins. If you’ve always wanted to run an online store but don’t want to handle the fulfillment logistics, you might want to explore dropshipping further.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs rely on virtual assistants to keep their costs down. Virtual assistants might schedule meetings or projects, make phone calls, input data, create spreadsheets, or even help with writing or graphic design tasks—all from their homes. You might connect with people who need virtual assistants through freelancing platforms like Upwork, or you might form your own virtual assistant business and market yourself based on your specific skills. Many virtual assistant are hired by platforms like jeux de casino en ligne.

  1. Freelance Services From Home

For those who worked in industries with services that can easily be freelanced, such as graphic designers, programmers, or writers, offering freelance services is an easy way to continue to work within the industry you built a career. Join online communities of freelancers, such as Upwork, to offer services such as blog or website writing. Or, start a website for in-demand services you can do online, such as bookkeeping or graphic design.

  1. Create Online Courses

If you have the knowledge to share from your previous work experience but don’t want to work closely with clients, creating and selling online books or courses is a good way to impart knowledge and earn an extra income. Build a website and map your knowledge to information products, such as ebooks and training videos.

  1. Become a Senior Concierge

Senior concierges might help with scheduling appointments, grocery shopping, planning an event, going to the post office, mowing the lawn, walking a dog, waiting at someone’s home for a scheduled service appointment, or really any everyday task. Some senior concierges also complete home wellness checks.

  1. Offer Senior-Specific Nutrition Consulting

For those retiring from the health field, such as nutritionists, nurses, or physical therapists, specializing in senior-specific nutrition consulting is an easy way to draw upon your knowledge and help your peers. Partner with gyms and fitness centers near your home to offer specialized services to those 60 and older, or set up a website and market your services to individual seniors looking for advice. You may need to go through a program to become a certified nutritionist.

  1. Become a Life Coach

As a senior, you have wisdom to share. Make money by drawing upon your experiences as a life coach. In this role, you can help guide members of the younger generation with advice you’ve gained throughout your life. Use knowledge from your previous job by becoming a business coach, or share insight in broad strokes as a more general life guide.