If you won the lottery what home improvements would you do?

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These are some of the top items people will upgrade if they won on the lottery or come into some money.  It does of course depend on how much you receive but let us dream and pretend it’s a nice amount. You can prioritise the items in whichever order you would like but here are our suggestions.

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New carpets –

Most people will have kept their carpets for years because they simply cannot afford to buy new carpets throughout the house.  This money could give you a really good opportunity to choose exactly what you want and where.  You could splash out on laminate, carpets, tiling and even look at bathroom wet room flooring.  There is no end to what you could do with a great imagination.

New sofas and furniture –

Look at getting yourself a new sofa with your favourite material , cup holders, recliners and maybe even a footstool to match.  Some people prefer leather but you have to consider the weather all year round and it can get very sticky in the summer.  Do you want a three seater and a two seater?.  Also are you going to try and match the new furniture with the sofas which can mean more of a strict search in terms of colour.

Windows and doors

This is an ideal time to get those windows replaced and look at getting quality options in their place.  Will you get glazed or even a new super kind of windows that have solar technology in them?.  You could also look at the security of your front and back doors and what locks they have on them.


The heating system is one of the most important items within the home as we will use it every year and it keeps us cosy within our own homes.  You may want to look at upgrading your boiler and getting some nice new column radiators from companies like apolloradiators.co.uk/designer-radiators/roma-horizontal-steel-column-radiator


Getting an extra space added onto your property can add real value and once your money is all spent you will have invested your money in a good place and could even look at selling for a lot more money than when you bought it.  You could look at getting a garage space with a new car and adding a conservatory onto the back of the house for another sitting area looking out onto your garden.