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How to Exercise With Limited Mobility

If you’ve recently undergone surgery or have an illness that makes it difficult to be as mobile as you’d like, you might be wondering how to exercise with limited mobility. While it’s easy to give up on physical activity altogether because of limited mobility, you can still engage in some exercises to stay in shape. Listed below are some exercises for people with limited mobility.

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Just remember to listen to your body! It’s important not to risk reinjuring yourself during rehab. Similarly, if you’re recovering from ankle surgery, you should avoid lower body exercises, and instead concentrate on upper body exercises. If you would benefit from Walking Aids, consider a site like

While some exercises can be difficult for people with limited mobility, cardio is an essential component of any exercise programme. While regular walking and jogging are recommended, you can try shadow boxing, seated aerobics, and other low-impact exercises like swimming. While seated aerobics is generally recommended for people with limited mobility, it’s important to remember that there’s no perfect form of cardio for everyone. Find out what works for you.

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For stretching, try throwing a foam ball or rubber tennis ball. If you’re unable to play tennis, try throwing the ball towards the ceiling instead. You can also do yoga, although many styles are not suitable for people with limited mobility. If yoga is not your thing, try meditation or deep breathing techniques. Even if you don’t have a lot of flexibility, these techniques will help you relax. These exercises will not only improve your health, but they will also improve your mood.